Villas in Andalucia area



With its stunning beaches, arid natural desert and strong Andalucian heritage, the southern region of Almeria is one of Spain´s best kept secrets. Squeezed between the popular areas of Murcia and Granada, Almeria is often overlooked by tourists, making it one of the most un-spoilt and authentic regions in the country. The ancient Moorish cities of Mojacar and Almeria mix with tiny coastal fishing villages, where in some places it feels like the pace of life hasn´t changed for centuries.+ Info


The most southern province of the Iberian Peninsula, the region of Cádiz is rich in natural beauty, from its sandy beaches and protected nature reserves to the historic and beautiful white villages dotted throughout the area. From eagle-spotting in the Doñana National Park, exploring the salt marshes of Barbate, or walking the seaside cliffs at La Breña, Cádiz offers visitors the chance to truly get away from it all. Cádiz city is considered by many to be the oldest city in the West.+ Info


If there is one region in Andalucia that truly captures that magic and romanticism of southern Spain, it is Granada. With the soaring Sierra Nevada mountains to the north and the and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the area surrounding Granada offers visitors a unique historical and cultural view of Spain. The ancient city of Granada was once one of the world´s greatest cultural capitals and flourished under the 700 year Arab occupation of Spain.+ Info


With a perfect Mediterranean climate and more than 300 days of sun a year, the region of Malaga is one of the most visited areas in the whole of Spain. From soaring mountains in the east, to secluded bays and huge stretches of sandy beach along the famous Costa del Sol, Malaga is unique in its diversity. Malaga city has embraced tourism with open arms, and the result is a lively and cosmopolitan city with a vibrant and glamourous social scene.+ Info


One of the most celebrated and visited cities in Spain, Sevilla is the artistic, cultural and financial centre of Andalucia. Famous for the stunning Alcázar palace, passionate flamenco, and breathtaking Islamic architecture, this beautiful city offers visitors a cultural experience that is hard to beat. The centre of the city is situated just to the north of the impressive Gothic Cathedral, and its main streets of Sierpes, Tetuán and Velázquez are filled with shops, museums and café´s+ Info